Saturday, September 07, 2013

Halloween Scene Disney

September 7-14 at the Mouse

I did my duty on Jury Duty on September the 4th and on the fifth we decided to leave and go to Florida.  The crowd forecast for Disney was very low so we thought we would take a chance on it.

We arrived on Saturday the 7th to a HUGE crowd at Magic Kingdom due to a special event.  We decided to skip the Kingdom on Sunday and simply go to Animal Kingdom.

Animal Kingdom  ( N 28.35318  W 081.58836)  -various days we went there first thing in the morning.

Wow we had water rides open!

And different creatures going along the paths.
The rides were walk on for sure in the morning.
The baby giraffes (two of them) were out and about.

Along with our favorite---watching the surgery---this is a Mandrel getting a hysterectomy.

Along with dances before the parade.

Magic Kingdom
Is all decked out for the fall even though it was very hot.
Even the Mouse was dressed for the season.

We went to Magic Kingdom lots of times, either in the morning or evening.  Crowd level was just what we love.  For two days Space Mountain was closed but we did get to see the inside instead!
Epcot ( N 28.37801 W 081.55018)
We went Soaring many times and looked at the plants while waiting for the fast past time.
Fort Wilderness ( N 28.40869 W 081.55755)
 It was nearly empty.  In our loop of 50 sites, 7-13 were occupied.  Some evenings the horses came by but other times they didn't.
Typhoon Lagoon   (N 28.36498  W 081.52759)
It was very hot.  We would quit around 1 PM most days and I would go to a water park.  I greatly preferred riding the big wave at Typhoon Lagoon.  It was a blast. I would be on the top of the wave.  This is about the right crowd level.

We greatly enjoyed our time at the mouse and in the future, if a hurricane isn't in the picture, we might very well go again in September.

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