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Traveling to Vermont September 14-22

Florida Coastal Region
September 14--Blue Spring State Park
We decided to visit Blue Spring State Park because the Manatees are not close to the spring at this time of year and thus swimming is permitted.  The Campground was nearly full and it downpoured in the afternoon (killing my swimming desire).  It was still a good campground to have as our first stop after Disneyworld.
We seem to not have any recent pictures.

September 15--Fort Clinch State Park  
It was right on the beach after traveling through a forest to get there. It was ever so lovely.

I had no issues with sticking my feet in the water but swimming was not allowed due to the dangerous currents.   I did get to chase sea gulls as a form of activity though.

September 16--Colleton State Park
This was a very pleasant place.  Not crowded.  With a few walks which we took after we set up.  The main feature is a blackwater river used heavily by canoeists.

September 17--Wilsons Riverfront RV Park
We looked over campgrounds and found that this one advertised that it was on a bikepath.  Not only on the bikepath but through the middle of the campground.
 On the other side is more campsites.  See Marco?
 We could watch the canoeists and the dogs walking all from our site.
But to balence this coolness....we could REALLY hear TWO interstates.  We did bike six miles since we knew our next stop included more biking.

September 18-19--Damascus Creeper Trail Campground
We arrived rather early and had lunch at the campground.  We debated trying to do the Virginia Creeper Trail but thought that we would wait until  tomorrow so instead we went exploring.  I've wanted to stay at the Backbone Rock National Recreation Area, but since the campground doesn't have water it would take a bit of planning.  So instead we drove out to see what it is like. Wow.  When we return to bike the Virginia Creeper Trail AGAIN we will stay there and figure out the water in advance.  Big sites right on a nice creek.

  Then we walked the backbone.  I enjoyed it completely while Lew managed not to yell at me to stop going to the edges. First is a picture of the backbone from the road.
Yes, one can hike to the top of the backbone.  Its full of switchbacks and steps!
Then you get to peek around on the top!

Quite a fun little hike.

Virginia Creeper Trail
What we were getting ourselves all geared up to do was biking the 17 mile Virginia Creeper Trail that we did last October.  It was really rather cold for that bike ride and we rushed it a bit too much so we were both really looking forward to a wonderful leisurely ride.  We packed rain gear because the forecast called for a 15% chance of a few showers and Lew REALLY doesn't like to get wet and chilled (Its his heart thing).  We also packed sweaters in case it was cold at the top.  We packed a lunch and four water bottles so we could enjoy the entire day on the trail.  We got the shuttle at 10AM thinking it would be warmer later.  He dropped us off around 10:30 with 17 miles of downhill to travel to civilization.

Well, two miles into our lovely day, it started to rain (and I do mean rain).  We stopped and go under the trees.  When it let up to a drizzle we decided to go a bit.  The downpour started up a bit before we crossed a bridge so we hid under it for at least a half hour.  We didn't think it would stop so we determined our best course was to bike it out.  Hopefully by the elevation difference would work in our favor.  
It didn't. This was a completely miserable ride for 15 of the 17 miles.  Downpour for most of it.  We arrived hungry and thirsty (didn't even stop for a drink) at 1 PM.   We had to hose ourselves and the bikes off before we could even think about showers. 

We decided that if rain were even a slight change we wouldn't bike a long distance again.

September 20  Endless Cavern

We were going to visit Monticello (Jefferson's Home) but since I've seen it Lew decided he would rather keep driving.  Endless Cavern campground took Passport America  and looked really nice and had a laundry and boy after yesterday, we needed the laundry.  This place also fit our end of day time allowing us to do the laundry and shower more of the mud from behind our ears.  Instead of doing the wash, we decided the cavern looked too neat to pass up and there wasn't anyone taking the 4PM tour.  So we were given a private tour for the price of a group tour.  The cavern was very neat too and even included a bat!

We did manage to do the just didn't get done until very late that night.

September 21 and 22  Hickory Run State Park and the Lehigh Valley Gorge Trail

We arrived here in the later part of the afternoon and just hung in the campground.  It wasn't even close to a quarter full.  We thought since it was going to rain and then be cold tomorrow that we would do a short bike ride and travel on.  Instead, this morning we biked three miles and decided it was warm enough to risk a long ride and got a shuttle bus from Jim Thorpe to Rockport.  That's a 15 mile bike trail bringing today's total to 18 miles.  While much of it was downhill, it still took pedaling.  We also managed to geocache.

We still haven't made it to Vermont...Stay tuned for more travel to Amy's.

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  1. trista1:05 PM

    Looks like you are having lots of little adventures. The natural bridge and the cave tour look like lots of fun.


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