Monday, October 07, 2013

Its Fall in Vermont

September 26-October 5
Its Fall in Vermont.

A few changes at the Johns-Warren homestead.  Front Steps.....I love stairs...I love stairs that go to a porch.  Its lovely to have stairs.
Then there is a place to put all the wood that needed cut and split for the winter.
The train painting that Lew's Uncle Max made that used to hang in the woods house over the couch has a new permanent home.
Amy and Chris had plans for the weekend of September 28-29.  It was to cut wood.  Lots of wood.  And to split wood.  Lots of wood.
The pictures were taken in the middle of the week so some of the work had been completed by then.  But you get the idea.  Our job was to watch Nate. Not a hard task at all.

Nate Loves:

Taking a walk in the woods.
Eating BACON and EGGS with Grandpa.

Visiting libraries.
Going down slides.
Making pumpkin cookies.
Taking time out of a very busy schedule to just have some fun with Mom, Grandma and Grandpa at a Bouncy House!
 And to just visit in the mornings before going off to the sitter's house.
What a busy, productive, fun week.  Just the right elements of each.  Lew and I also went biking and hiking but didn't take any pictures this time.  LOVELY fall colors everywhere.

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