Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Mexico

This has been a summer full of changes. Most of the summer our internet speed has been so slow we could not upload pictures.  I'm going to use this as an intro to a number of posts.

Part V: New Mexico

Wade is 102.
He is blind and can walk maybe 100ft but looks good for his age and thinks pretty well too. Within his limitations he is competent.

At their place in Silver City everyone is kinda dependent, one on another.   That includes the horse and goat.  George puts them out each day and they stay together.

 The century plant in bloom had a bird that hung around it.

While in the area we went to Dana's (John's companion) house.  We saw a very strange desert sight!  A pond that Dana had made.
Sue is taking the pic, Jan in the orange, Dana, Oran, George Polly.  Lew and Chris are hiding beside me.
We looked over her house including the recently added high porch.  Since Dana made it the ladies decided to line up and show it off.
Dana, Sue, Polly, Jan, Chris (Clifford's wife)

When Sue told us that for various reasons she could no longer be Wade's right hand, we agreed and went off seeking a new companion for him.  We hope it was found with the services of Angelwings.  A caregiver will start arriving daily at Quail Ridge for Wade.  Since we all need others, I'm hopeful that Quail Ridge will continue to be home for all the critters.  Change happens even for someone who is 102, like it or not. Whether it’s on ones’s radar or not.

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