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Pa Travels

July 27
 Cordelia needed a vacation so we loaded up and took off for Ohiopyle State Park.

Camp Johns @ Ohiopyle SP

After setting up camp we headed off to Laurel Caverns on the mountaintop East of Uniontown.

She is ready to go down into
the Center of the Earth

This cavern follows the fairly steep dip of the limestone formation in which it is situated.

Down she goes.

Monday morning we headed for Falling Water, the famous Frank Loyd Wright house cantilevered over the creek beneath it.

Falling Water

The Living Room and the deck
above are cantilevered
over the creek.
The stairway connects the
living room to the natural

The swimming pool is
spring fed.
Mrs Kaufman used it daily.

An excellent day!

Cordelia’s interests are eclectic and Tuesday we roared off to Gettysburg battlefield. Little Round Top was the site of a bloody little sub-battle and several monuments to that effect have been erected there. We took a PIC of Adam and Amy here in 1983.

1983 looking out.

Looking in in 2014.
same location
in 2014.

Cordelia specifically wanted to stand where Abraham Lincoln delivered The Gettysburg Address, wherewith he reaffirmed that "government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Gettysburg is a sad place. All those men, more than a few brother-against-brother, died working to establish that this would be one Nation without slavery. So onward to another venue.

Pennsylvania is/was the home of Anthracite Coal mining and there is a wonderful working museum (Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine) in Ashland, Pa. Off we went.

Mine locomotive

Into the Mountain we go.

1800 ft in and 500 ft under.

Ready to go to work.

Then it was off to Knoebel’s Park.

Camp with the big
Wood Coaster in
the background.

This is one of the newest wood
coasters in the World.

Cordelia trying to catch
a ring on the Carousel.

Cordelia rode this awful thing
about five times in a row.

Then it was back home we went. 800 miles and we arrived home on Friday afternoon.

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