Thursday, July 02, 2015

Glacier NP with Donna and Jim

July 2 we left PA and arrived back in PA on July 21.

In a phone conversation with Donna and Jim we learned that they were about to leave for Glacier NP where Donna had never been. We had never been either and we decided to meet them there. We thought to surprise them so said nothing of our plans. So off we went, a big adventure for Buffy&Bee. After playing Where-in-the-World-is-Carmen-Sandiego we caught up with them at Badlands NP. They were on to us though as there had been too many phone calls asking them: “Where are you guys now and where are you going next?”

July 6

Then it was on to Glacier NP.

Glacier is a magical place we hope to return to. At Logan Pass, the summit of the Going to the Sun Highway, we parked and walked the 1.5mi/1200ft elevation change trail to Hidden Lake.

There are Mountain Goats there.

Hidden Lake is a Tarn
in a Cirque,
both characteristic features of
 mountain glacier country.

The haze in the background is fire smoke.

Jim had recently had surgery on both knees and his walking was limited so we did some scouting ahead for doable walks.

Running Eagle Falls

A doable walk which Donna and Jim
did the next day.

Jim suggested that since they had driven every mile you can in the Park and walked all that he was able we should move on to Yellowstone NP. So we did.


From this spot you can watch several major geysers
and that is what we did.

Donna and Jim then headed for Southern Utah and we headed homeward. We stopped at Fort Robinson, Nebraska.

Soldier Creek CG
The creek is behind Bee
and Buffy took a dip.

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