Tuesday, August 04, 2015


Jan thought we needed a Grandog to keep us busy.

Buffy was born March 8, a Poodle/Cocker Spaniel mix (a so-called “Cockapoo”). These dogs are known for extreme friendliness, intelligence and NO SHEDDING, a must as we are both allergic to dogs.

PIC taken April 22

She came home with us May 5.

PIC taken at Somerset reservoir,
a mile from where we lived.
May 5

It wasn’t long before Buffy took her first road trip. She went to Vermont to meet the Johns-Warren chickens.

May 24

Then it was time for a real trip. Our friends Donna and Jim called to say they were going to Glacier NP so off we went to meet them there.

Copilot Buffy

Buffy’s BFF.
She lives in Bloominton, Il.

On the way West Buffy took a break
to cool off in the Missouri River.
July 5

We met Donna and Jim at

And then all we drove on
to Glacier NP.

From Glacier we drove on to Yellowstone by way of Virginia City, Mt.

Buffy trying out Alder Gulch at Virginia City.

Buffy cooling off in the Madison River
at Bakers Hole CG just outside
the West entrance to YNP.

Then it was back home in time to go camping with Cordelia and Violet.

Oil Creek Family CG
(near Titusville, Pa)

The ostensible purpose of the trip was to take Violet and Buffy on their first train ride.

The Oil Creek and Titusville RR
mixed train arriving at
Petroleum Center.

Aboard the Oil Creek & Titusville RR
July 23

After her first ‘Do
July 25

See how busy and out of trouble we have been?

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