Thursday, August 06, 2015

Bee mods and additions

Unlike Marco we will make no changes in Bee. For us the design elements are pretty much optimal as-built. We have made some small additions however.

With much higher
tongue weight than Marco
an electric tongue jack
is a big help.

Front stabilizer jacks
are a must.
A Fantastic Fan
to avoid using A/C
in cooler weather.
When using campground shore power
an electric heater is quieter
than the propane furnace
and the cost is zero.

The OEM power cord deploys
from a trapdoor leaving
an entrance for mice and bugs.
A detachable cord with a sealed
plug stops that.

RV brake/taillights are
notoriously dim and adding
LED lights is a simple thing.

Buffy likes to relax and unwind
in the evening with TeeVee.
We added a 32” TV and DVD player
so Buffy can watch 
Buffy the Vampire Slayer

That is your standard RV “batwing”
TV antenna with a couple additions.
The vertical mast at the top is
a WiFiRanger which amplifies
and routes WiFi signals
from as far away as 2mi.
The rightward pointed paddle is a
Wilson cellphone antenna, the
highest gain antenna made. It
connects to our Verizon MiFi
to provide internet service.

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