Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Walking in MA

We have lived in North Adams, MA for about three months.  I keep telling folk I will post pictures of the house.....but really we didn't move here for the house.   We bought this particular house because of the very easy access to wonderful walks.  That is our garage and our beloved new trailer, Bee.  Looking up the street is the high point of MA, Mt. Greylock.  I'm taking you on a trip to the Appalachian Trail as I walk it with Buffy, every nice day I can manage.

From the top of the little hill, one sees the Green Mountains to the north.  The light blue house is ours.
Next is a short street to a path which leads to another street.
That street connects to the Appalachian Trail.    The stone pillars block cars or motorized thingys from going on the Trail.  It doesn't stop Buffy.  She knows that she gets off-leash at the pillars.  In the winter with very few people on the trail, this is how we prefer to climb up to at least the town reservoir.

     This is the real reason, we bought a house where we did.  I LOVE our walks.  If we don't walk the trail to Mt. Greylock we can go the other direction toward the Green mountains or even  east toward a township owned trail along the Hoosic River.  My heart is happy with the sounds of the animals.  I think we saw a fox yesterday but it was so darn fast I couldn't tell.
A mile and a half of a steep trail takes us to the reservoir.  

Lew meets us there and we continue to climb toward Mt. Greylock.    
We travel through a pine forest until we are done for the day.  

Now you have seen what I consider the important photos of our new house in MA.  


  1. Beautiful country but it looks chilly! We have never been in your part of the country.

  2. Nice 'hood' and I love the dog !!


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