Saturday, February 04, 2017

Deming to Phoenix

 Click twice to embiggen and see there are 2 dogs
on Lew’s lap.

A couple of [Yankee]
Desert Rats.

LOW (Loners On Wheels) Park
in Deming, NM.
This is a Park lovingly kept.
Owned by the club .
The gravel may seem  bit stark
to easterners but it is wonderful
as there are
NO Goatherds to pierce
canine paws.

 Rockhound SP
Not your usual Desert day

 Butterfield Stage station
at Apache Pass.

 Looking North from
the ridge above Fort Bowie.
The Fort behind the photographer.

 This is what Sonoran Desert
looks like when not
overgrazed to death.

Ruins of the Jeffords
Indian Agency.

 The ruins of Fort Bowie, Az

A geologic fault.
The light rock to the left is Limestone.
The pink rock to the right is Granite.

 Thunder and lightning over those mountains.
Rain also, too.

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument

Picacho Peak SP, Az
I10 and
the Southern Pacific RR Mainline
out there.

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