Saturday, February 04, 2017


Visiting Relatives also means visiting relative's pets!  Johnny and Buffy got along great.

 Dogs and cats have always had an
affinity for Fred.

We drove out to the Salt River and took a walk.
The rock at Blue Point on the Salt River
East of Mesa.
That is a 50ft deep whirlpool.

 Jan contemplating her misspent youth,
except that we both remember our time
living in  a tent just across the river
there with joy.

 We lived under the Mesquite tree
in the center of the pic.

 Look at the green grass on
the desert floor.
Rain did that.

 Jesse James Johns with his son Indiana.
Forgive Jesse’s appearance as his fever was 102.

 Ann and Granddaughters.

On our way west from Phoenix we met
cousin Ann and her husband Ron.

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