Thursday, June 21, 2007

Up Spearfish Canyon

While driving south up Spearfish Canyon into the Black Hills, we spotted this dirt road...

Up the dirt road we found this Creek...Multiple Hermit Thrushes were projecting their haunting and mysterious Songs from the trees and bushes here!

Which fell over this precipice to be called Roughlock Falls.
(Roughlocking was the practice of chaining Wagon Wheels against rotation in order to slide a wagon down a steep incline).

Closeby was the "76 Trail" which climbs 1000ft elevation in 3/4mi. The sign says it all.

Yup, up we go!

We did make it to the top where we were rewarded with this View. Note the highway far below on the Canyon Floor.

Then we had to go back down. Another sign explaining all one needs to know about it.

So down we went...

After arriving at the Rafter J Bar CG, we witnessed the worst Hailstorm of our Young Lives! Sporadic larger-than-golfball sized Hail fell for about 18min. Ms Dolphin's hood has definite Dents but her Solar Panels both survived! Katz went in her Hidey-Hole and Jan and Lew required strong Restoratives (some call it liquid courage). We hope noone was injured as those balls-of-ice were big enough to do Harm.


  1. Zoinks. I'm glad the solar panels survived.

  2. I'm so proud of you guys! Highpointing next???


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