Sunday, September 02, 2012

RV's and Pocket Basin

Lew and I are always reading and thinking about becoming "fulltimers" in the RV world.  That means not owning a house and just living always in your RV.  One of the blogs we read is called, RV dreams.  I saw they were around Yellowstone and emailed them that we would be willing to take them back-country and share our geyser gazer information!  So we did.

Lew fussed that Pocket Basin would be dry and boring.  But it rained all night and the mud pots where lovely.  This is Howard and Linda and I looking at the mud pots.  Even better were the volcanoes!  They actually erupted repeatedly for us.  It was very cool.
After our hike we met at Riverside Geyser!  It was a very nice day once the fog lifted.
And Riverside did its thing!  Then we walked around Geyser Hill until Grand time!  It sure is fun to show others your very interesting Park!



  1. trista8:05 PM

    Sounds like your private backcountry tour was a success! Maybe you'll get some clickthroughs from it too.

    1. Jan Johns10:35 AM

      We are hoping that is what happens! Maybe pick up some readers too.


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