Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Yesterday, as we biked the Peavine and Iron King bike trails, we talked about how we were going to get from Prescott to Silver City.  Here we are at one of the ruins on the Iron King trail.
We discussed taking the high road through Show Low and across the high elevations, thus staying really cool.  But we really did like the desert, it was just too hot!  So how about Tucson instead?  Maybe the Saguaro National Park?  Lets finish the ride and get on the road!  Drive through Phoenix and right to a lovely campground that borders the Park.

We arrive in the middle of the day at Desert Trails RV Park and after setting up go to the Desert Museum.  It looks so interesting, but it closes in a hour.  Rats.  On the way we saw so many cacti...more than we ever imagined.
Enlarge the picture above to see the forest of cacti.
We ate at a local restaurant called Brats...they had really good food and the parking lot was full of golf carts.  Out here that is the equivalent to the old truck driver's diner is good.

By 7 PM it had cooled to 80 degrees and I was still hot!  Wow its October and I can go do water aerobics!
We talked about going to the museum in the morning, but decided if we did that, we would have to stay here another day and once more IT IS HOT.

So we decided to take a walk through the trails of the campground to the edge of Saguaro National Park first thing in the morning and leave.
We will return here and stay at least a week when the temperature is a bit more to our liking.


  1. Anonymous7:58 PM

    that forest of cacti is wow! wish i was therefor that.


    1. And someday we hope to see it with you!

  2. It was truly beautiful.



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